Janet and Jack receive Sertoma’s highest Community Honors


(copied from The Sertoma Club of Middleton’s news release)
Two of our neighbors were recognized for their outstanding service volunteering in our community.  Janet Bybee and Jack Flesch have contributed much to the Middleton community with their work at Middleton Outreach Ministry (MOM) and elsewhere in the community.  Jack does a tremendous job at the distribution center or pantry unloading and stocking food, picking up food and delivering it to the mobile pantries.  Janet also helps at the distribution center and at MOM’s main office and volunteers one day a week at Northside Elementary school.  They have given much of their time to these organizations.
Jack and Janet received the Service to Mankind award from Middleton Sertoma club, presented by Mark Oesterle, club president at Fitzgeralds on Tuesday. The Service to Mankind award is the highest award that a Sertoma Club has for a non-Sertoman.  Congratulations to Jack and Janet!  What a blessing they are to the community.

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