It will Change your Community

Samantha is not only learning to garden, she’s learning how to help feed her family nutritious food.   As a part of MOM’s Food Pantry Garden, MOM clients are learning to grow and care for their own food – a skill for life.

By making a donation, you are giving Samantha and her family access to the help they need to get back on the path to stability.  You are giving hope to thousands.  You are changing your community.

MOM works tirelessly to provide thousands of people struggling in this community with the help that they need to develop and maintain stability.  Through our Case Management program, Case Workers help clients work with their landlords to prevent eviction from their homes.  Utilizing MOM’s programs, in addition to other community resources, they also work with clients to develop a budget and a plan aimed at keeping them in their housing.

Over the past year, MOM has seen a dramatic increase in the need for assistance, setting records for the amount of people using the Food Pantry and receiving housing aid.   The economy continues to affect families who have never before needed to ask, and the need for you to help neighbors has never been greater.  In the Madison area, about 3,000 families like Samantha’s are court-ordered out of their homes each year for failure to pay rent.  Homelessness results in enormous consequences, as parents and children alike suffer mentally and physically.

Be the difference for Samantha.  Your tax-deductible donation will help provide the tools she and her family – and thousands of others in this community – need.

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